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The Organization

Children create a tremendous challenge for adults.  The increase in two-career couples and single parents has made parenting a greater challenge.

Did you know?

  • The average child in America receives only 12.5 minutes per day in communication with his/her parents.
  • On the average, a child receives 400 negative comments a day, compared to only 32 positive ones.
  • In a study of children ages 1-12, the single most important determination of children’s self-esteem is the perception of how they are valued by their parents.


Founded in 2005, Redirecting Children’s Behavior of the Lehigh Valley is a regional affiliate of the International Network for Children and Families (INCAF). We are an organization that provides positive parent education in the community in the form of parenting classes, workshops, talks, and one-on-one parent coaching.

Our main program, Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB), is a course that is held for 3-hours an evening over 5 weeks.  Participants practice hands-on techniques through role-playing and group interaction.  The course atmosphere is supportive and non-judgmental.  RCB is based upon the work of Dr. Rudolph Dreikurs, a highly noted therapist, researcher, and author of the book Children the Challenge.  RCB is designed to educate and empower parents with positive parenting tools and techniques.

In 5 Sessions, Participants Learn:

  • How to assist children in becoming self-sufficient, responsible and self-confident
  • How to reduce arguing, reminding, and yelling
  • How to resolve conflicts without power struggles
  • Why children behave the way they do
  • What to do when children fight
  • How to get children to cooperate
  • Ways to have a more peaceful, happy home
  • And over 100 powerful and effective parenting ideas and tools!

RCB of the Lehigh Valley proudly partners with many organization, schools and libraries in the community including:

The Lehigh Valley Health Network
Parkland School District
Farmersville Elementary
Seven Generations Charter School
Lehigh Valley Charter School for the Performing Arts
Grace Montessori
Lehigh Valley Montessori Academy
Parkland Public Library
Bethlehem Public Library

Lower Macungie Public Library
East Penn Community Education
Olympus Corp.
Hills Street Day Care
The Village School
Wescosville Elementary School
EcoMom Alliance

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