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What People Are Saying After Taking the RCB Course

I wouldn’t change a thing – it was absolutely amazing!! Overall so stimulating and life changing!

These have been the best five Monday evenings I have had since my children were born!

I noticed changes in my child’s behavior almost instantaneously.

If you have kids, you have to take this course. Every parent should take this course. It was life changing. I can not overstate this…even though it sounds like I am. My children are more cooperative and better handle difficult situations. I have recommended this course to everyone I know that has kids, and people who are planning to have kids. – T. Robbins, Dad of 3

Excellent program! Highly recommended to any parent curious about strategies for raising happy, self-confident kids in a peaceful household. We immediately experienced major benefits.

I wouldn’t change a thing – it was absolutely amazing!! Overall so stimulating and life changing!

I have recommended this course to so many people. I can not speak highly enough for Shel and RCB. This has made so many positive changes in my family’s life for the better. I have no way of ever parenting without using the skills that I have learned – it only gets deeper and better for me and my family.

… Absolutely amazing!! This program should be a prerequisite!

Thanks so much, Shel; I’ve walked away feeling like a much better parent than I walked in. – P. Allen, Mom of 2 boys

I found it to be outstanding. I’ve found all parents need some sort of help and there’s always room for growth and learning. There is less yelling and more harmony. This is the new ‘way’ of parenting today’s kids and I think it’s great!

I feel like a new mom! I feel like I understand what direction I want our family to go and ways to get us there. Thank you for changing our lives and making them better!

My children are more fun to be around and we want to spend more quality time together. – L. Verna, Dad of 2

This course was fantastic! Every parent should attend! Our family’s relationship has improved and become more fun! Less nagging, power struggles, etc. I would absolutely recommend – It is life changing!

Shel is an inspiring instructor. Along with the course material, she has empowered me to become a better father. I’m much more confident that I am being a good parent and it is finally enjoyable. T. Fortner – Dad of 1

I would DEFINATELY recommend this class to every mom, dad and teacher in the Lehigh Valley. You will learn to LOVE, LAUGH AND LIVE your life to your full potential!

I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to be reminded at just how awesome and amazing our journey as parents can be!

This class will change your life, your relationship with your kids, your spouse, and others… I would take it over and over again!

I highly recommend this course. It is a guide book, map and support system for the greatest part of my life – parenthood – not only for future issues but also to unravel mistakes I have made along the way. I am a lot calmer, relaxed and a better mother. Thank you forever!

I would describe this course as very beneficial to any parent. The information is very useful and I have found ways to incorporate it into my every day situations. As a parent it has made me grow more as a person. I have learned some new skills to be a better parent. My children have changed for the better!

I would absolutely recommend this class to a friend. It is exactly how I wanted to parent, I just didn’t know how to get there on my own.

I’ve noticed my house just generally has a calmer atmosphere. I feel calmer, I get ‘really’ angry less often, and I enjoy spending time with the kids more.

Wonderful program! The difference in our house already is amazing!

This course opened my eyes to the possibilities of having a peaceful family life.

RCB made a huge difference in my parenting style. My main goal as a parent is to provide a warm supportive place for my children to learn and grow. RCB gave me the tools to more effectively support my children as whole, confident, happy individuals. – S. Mullen, Dad of 2

Very helpful and supportive class. I have noticed lots of positive changes in my children’s behavior and our relationship already. Highly recommended!

What an enriching experience! Our family walked away with a lifetime’s worth of information and tools to integrate into our lives! Thank you! – T. Gyauch – Mom of 1

Very helpful – we are less frustrated and more confident in dealing with various situations that arise. I would definitely recommend to others.

It is like a breath of fresh air! A way to live life being at ease and comfort with your children instead of fighting and tension. Shel was so passionate; she is such a great inspiration to me and my children. – S. and R. Verrastro – parents of 2

The course is a wonderful way to learn new techniques for raising a family. I have come away with new tools and new ideas for creating a more peaceful home. I have noticed that I am calmer and don’t yell as quickly. I would recommend the class because it really does give new tools for raising children.

The course is great! the changes I see in myself, not having to react to every little fight or situation… My children are learning to solve problems for themselves!

Very enlightening to know that there are other techniques to better our children’s future and our parenting. To effectively create independent, confident and happy children without using force, anger or time-outs. It’s a wonderful course and I recommend it to anyone who wants to become a better and more confident parent.

I would recommend this course to parents who want to relate to their children in a loving way so children can grow-up with a healthy perspective on life.

We’ve noticed a calm that has entered our house. A weight has been lifted.

I would recommend this to all parents.. for peace, sanity and an enriched, fuller family life. Thank you, Shel, for teaching me peace. – S. Ladd, Mom of 1