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The 5-Week RCB Course

Are you at your wit’s end? Are you looking to upgrade your parenting? Would you like more fun and less yelling? Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB) is the certified parenting course that is endorsed by pediatricians and mental health professionals nationwide. Enroll TODAY and start having the family of your dreams. “A MUST for ALL parents, teachers, counselors and caregivers of Toddlers to Teens!”

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What Can You Expect When You Take the 5-Week Course?

“Redirecting Children’s Behavior” is a powerful course designed to help you create the family of your dreams. Would you like more cooperation and support? If you answered yes, then this class is for you.

Taught in five, 3-hour sessions, the course atmosphere is fun, supportive and non-judgmental. The course gives parents fast, effective ways to become calmer and more confident and to raise their children to be responsible and cooperative. Parents are given easy-to-learn positive parenting techniques that allow them to redirect their children’s behavior through loving guidance rather than ineffective punishment. Parents and caregivers learn how to use practical discipline tools to create cooperation, build self-esteem and strengthen relationships from birth to adulthood.They will learn tips on using logical consequences, setting limits, and achieving peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Redirecting Children’s Behavior is a certified course through the International Network for Children and Families (INCAF). Founded over twenty years ago by Kathryn Kvols, INCAF has now certified over 1,000 parenting educators and the Redirecting Children’s Behavior course is currently taught in 15 countries world wide. Read more about INCAF here.

With RCB Your Family Will be a Source of Rejuvenation, Fun and Encouragement!


2013 5-Week Course Tuition:

$225/couple, $299/person – book and workbook included

RCB Graduate: $50 to retake the course


In 5 Sessions You Will Learn These Proven Parenting Skills:

  • The difference between motivating through love vs. motivating through fear
  • Communicate in a way that encourages your child to talk to you
  • Resolve conflict without power struggles
  • Teach children how to solve their own problems, offering them guidance when needed
  • Understand why time-outs do not work and what to do instead
  • Assist children in developing self-control, responsibility and self-confidence
  • How to work as a unified couple
  • How to make parenting more fun
  • Effectively redirect sibling rivalry
  • Set clear limits and follow through with meaningful consequences
  • Establish family meetings to teach leadership, values, and problem solving skills

Session 1 - Understanding Your Child

Understand what influences a child’s personality
Learn to manage stress
Replace sibling rivalry and fighting with negotiation and cooperation
Teach children to resolve their own conflicts
Understand a child’s behavior and how it relates to birth order
Developing healthy self-concepts
Promoting cooperation and helpfulness

Session 2 - Developing an Effective Parenting Style

Develop an effective parenting style
Teach self-motivation and self-management without rewards, bribes or punishment
Learn how to build high self-esteem
Teach children respect and responsibility
Explore how parenting methods affect children
Learn the importance of limits and how to set them

Session 3 - Power Struggles, Bribes and Yelling

Understand why a child misbehaves
Learn how to minimize power struggles
What to do when a child demands attention
Learn how to get cooperation without bribing, yelling, or threatening
What to do when a child is hurtful
Intervention and corrective measures that work
What to do when a child is discouraged and wants to give up

Session 4 - Building Communication

How to talk to your kids so they listen
How to handle and express feelings
What adults do to block communication
How to guide a child to solve their own problems
Teach children to be accountable for their actions
How to get results without punishment
Using natural and logical consequences
Why “Time-Outs” are ineffective and what to do instead

Session 5 - Creating a Team with Your Partner

How to win the other parent’s cooperation
Promoting agreement for couples
Working together as parents
Keeping a good thing going
Effective family communication
Creating a sense of “Team” between all family members

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